Bulatov Vitaly Vasilievich. Born in March 22, 1961 in the city of Moscow. Graduated with honours from Physics Department at Moscow State University in 1984, with the speciality of Quantum statistics and quantum field theory.
Author more than 300 scientific works, including 25 monographs in mathematical physics, hydrodynamics, mathematical modeling, oceanology, economic theory, finances, corporate management, stock markets. Doctor of Science, Physics&Mathematics (2009) Doctor of Sience, Economics (2003) Professor (2010) Federal Expert in Research and Technology (2000) Expert of Russian Academy of Sciences(2016) Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (2003) Professor of the Russian Academy of Siences (1984 - up to now) The Group of INDEX-XX Companies (1997 - up to now) Professor of the Orthodox St.-Tikhon Humanities University (1997 - up to now) Board of Directors Member at JSC RAO Norilsk Nickel (2005-2007) JSC Enisei River Shipping Companyy (2005-2007, 2014 - 2015) JSC "Kavkazgidrogeologia" (2009 - up to now) JSC "Soyuzmorgeo" (2010 - 2015) JSC "Tula Geological Research Enterprise" (2011 - 2012) JSC "Research Institute of Physical Measurements" (2012 - 2016) JSC "Zerich Bank" (2012 - 2015) JSC "Research Institute for Atmospheric Air" (2013 - 2016) JSC "Polar Expedition" (2013 - up to now) JSC "Dalmorneftegeophysica" (2013 - 2015) JSC "Kaliningradgeophysica" (2014 - 2016) JSC "S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation "ENERGIA" (2014 - 2015) CJSC Goznak leasing (2015 up to now) JSC Scientific Publishers Great Russian Encyclopedia (2015 up to now) JSC Russian Agricultural Bank (2016) JSC Publishers of Children's Books DETGIZ (2016) JSC Rosvuzdisain (2016 - up to now) JSC Research Center for Surface and Vacuum (2016 up to now) The Independent Directors Association Member The Corporate Directors Association Member The Judge at the National Stock Market Members Association